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National Award Winning Senior Photographer

I'm not your average senior high school photographer.

I've brought home some hardware from numerous photography competitions so you know you're getting quality! I love fashion and apparel with most of days spent in a pair of Chuck Taylors. So what, it takes me over an hour to get ready in the mornings between ironing my clothes (I would iron my shirt to workout) and the chore of fixing my hair.

I can rarely do anything without the sound of music: Johnny Cash, Three Door Down, Jason Aldeen and Shine Down are some of my favs. I used to drag race motorcycles, ride motorcross and participated in any other extreme sport on the planet. I still try to participate in a lot of these, but my wife has her hands full trying to keep me safe. Like most guys, I have a lot of tools. As a result of that, I love building all of my own photography sets, which we try to keep fresh.

Besides having images that will rock and be like no other, one of my biggest goals for my seniors is for them to feel right at home the moment they walk through our doors. I break it down and show everyone exactly how to pose so that it takes the guess work and confusion out of it for my seniors.

I can promise you this: I will break my back, take a risk and shed blood to make sure that you have images that absolutely ROCK!